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Who is Nashwaak Publishing?

Founded in January of 2022, Nashwaak Publishing has been growing steadily in our little section of New Brunswick Canada.

Named for the Nashwaak River, our company began with a simple journal and has since spread out to story and comic collections. We now have a Facebook following eagerly awaiting each new update.

That spring, Nashwaak Publishing aquired the titles previously held by TFR Books (Tanner Riche Studios) and brought its total number of publications to seven titles, and presently thirteen individual books and magazines.


Broken (Chad Coburn); Howler Shack, Scaring Charlotte County (Tanner F. Riche); Deer Island Times (TRS); NBI; Tanner and Casey (TRS); The Goal Journal


Life Before Archie (TRS), remastering classic comics; Tanner and Casey Volume One: 10th Anniversary (TRS), collecting every T&C comic short or long since 2013.

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